James Elvidge KeyboardsWelcome to the official website of James Elvidge, Independent International Recording Artist.

Washington native James Elvidge is a rare find. Known as a musical virtuoso, a producer’s producer and a musician’s musician James Elvidge is a highly respected and sought-after master of his instrument. A natural talent not only of a multitude of several different instruments but a song writer and recording artist as well, James Elvidge has been blessed with a very successful career writing and performing music he loves!

Picking up his first drumsticks at age 10, James Elvidge graduated from Grove School of Music in 1993 with a major in percussion and a minor in Piano. Later studying from some of the music industry greats such as Chuck Silverman, Emil Richards, David Garibaldi, Dave Weckel and many others, James’ talents have blossomed into a unique and eclectic blend of genre and style. After hitting the ground running as a member of several local acts and with extensive experience writing original music for made for T.V. programming Elvidge sought to indulge his personal career with the release of his first album the pop/new-wave/industrial record ‘Pajamazon’ in 1996. Released to great response amongst national audiences, Elvidge found his feet with a balance of solo work and in-studio collaboration.

In 2000 Elvidge expanded his virtuosic repertoire with the release of his more psych-rock/ballad influenced effort ‘Dream of Rain’. In 2009 Elvidge returned to more rhythm based territory with his third album ‘The Melting Pot’, which includes a thumping modern cover of Billy Idol’s classic, White Wedding. James Elvidge’s passion for music has taken him to every corner of the globe stylistically and his musical abilities have complimented him every step of the way. Treading the fine line between the live and the electronic, James Elvidge excels with a studio output that translates seamlessly to the live stage.

Currently, besides working on his latest releases, James is busy producing and collaborating with a handful of great artists like Rose Robbins, Whitney Gorman and Raggs Gustaffe.  Check the Calendar often for show dates and don't forget to find and follow James on Facebook and Twitter!