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Spokane musician James Elvidge with keyboard and microphone


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I Don't Mind
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My Friend
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Spokane musician James Elvidge on Drums and Vocals
A true-talk interview with


What inspires your music?

Feelings and emotions are the source of my musical inspirations. For me, when creating new music everything starts with a feeling. Far before the words come. The beautiful thing about feelings is they create a different story for all of us. You're not being fed a picture show and driven by plot. Writing from a place of feeling and emotion you set the stage for the listener to explore the ambient space of their own imagination and see, feel, and hear the story that feels right for them. And although much of my music may not fall under the genre of "ambient music" I still consider it to be ambient music just becasue of it's ambient nature.

I consciously make an effort not to judge myself nor anyone else regardless if I feel I'm right or their wrong or vice versa. There is no winning that argument, only a difference in perception. The same holds true when it comes to art. Music especially. I don't look at it as creating music so much. I look at it as creating space for the mind to wander and the heart to explore. Without judgement we leave the stage wide open to infinite possibilities whether they might feel good or bad. That's a good thing because everyone has their own perceptions and by putting our judgement aside we create a Universal space for everyone to explore.

What is your story?

I've always been a very eclectic music writer and the reason for that is because I don't judge what I hear and I don't try to steer and control the direction of my flow. Not to say that I haven't found myself trying to do that from time to time, and when that happens I always find myself left uninspired and out of integrity. I guess you can say that my "Stand in Life" is all about being true to Self and contributing to the world what the Universe calls on me.

I've come to the awareness that I'm not the one driving the ship… If I were, we would all be doomed because I have no idea where I'm going. One of the most beautiful things in the world is simply "not knowing." That is my story… I don't know!

If you had to asnwer, what makes your music extraordinary and different?

The word Extraordinary has never made much sense to me because it seems to insinuate that it's not just ordinary but extra ordinary… Kinda like Clark Kent, extra ordinary… But Superman, well, a super man! But anywho…

I love to explore new places and I love to feel emotions whether they're uplifting, sad, strong, dark, whatever… I am moved by emotions. And because I allow these emotions to feel me up freely, without judgement, from a place of self-awareness, they manifest through my music and become real for the listener.

I have a deep love for people and I want to give them something that will move them. Something that might alter their state even for just a moment to give them a chance to reflect on something different. To take them away on a journey and perhaps inspire them to new possibilities and ultimately give back to the Universe and create something beautiful themselves. In a sense I consider music to be healing music when you successfully induce feeling and emotion that brings inspiration to others.

I suppose an element that certainly may stand out in my music is I perform all my music live as a One Man Show. I play drums, keyboards, sing and control all my backup sequences with synth and triggers. It's definitely not your average show. I love performing equally as much as I love writing and hopefully it shows.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

"The same thing we do every year Pinky… Take over the world!" Sorry, I was a huge Pinky and the Brain fan…

I've actually got a lot of big plans for the upcoming year. I've just completed a brand new State of the Art Recording Studio. I'm working on a lot of new music that will ultimately be 2 different albums that will release this summer. One is all New Age music and Ambient music and the other is more Electronic music and Alternative music. And because my music is extremely eclectic I say 'New Age' and 'Electronic' in the broadest sense.  Perhaps a safe way to catagorize it would be more under the umbrella of alternative music with electronic and new age influences.

I will be playing several festivals across the United States this year both solo and with full bands as well as playing here locally in Spokane with several different Spokane bands..

Along with working on a lot of new music in the studio right now I am putting together a whole new live show for my solo act and it's going to be amazing! I'm all about innovation and stepping outside the box. And yeah, I'm stepping way outside the box.

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